Strategic Learning Associates

Maximize Return On Your Investment

Our approach yields outcomes on various levels:

> Participants build skills, knowledge, and self- awareness, and practice using them in well-defined action learning projects conducted in the workplace and/or community.

> Organizations reap the benefits of these action learning projects, and of shared vision, tools, and language among those who participate. Organizations learn to promote the transfer of learning to reinforce new practices.

> Sponsors strengthen networks and promote field-building among the organizations they support, while increasing their understanding of designed learning for lasting impact. Through our evaluation services they glean data relevant to future programming.


Our Associates…

Our Associates have served nonprofits and social enterprises for decades, through exemplary university-based executive education programs, managerial and executive positions within organizations, board roles, and consulting. We integrate our content knowledge with meaningful applications that are of immediate and long-term value to participants and their organizations.

We deliver education in a wide variety of formats, from brief immersions to longer multi-disciplinary programs, and small group and individual coaching. We identify the topics, methodologies, audiences, timeframes, and locations that are of value to you, aligned with your strategic priorities. Customized designs yield superior results for your organization.


Your Organization Will Gain

> Access to experts in areas critical to your field of service

> Frameworks and tools to help you innovate and drive performance

> Interdisciplinary approaches that integrate management with leadership to meet your organizational challenges

> Support for the transfer of learning from program to workplace

> Design collaborations built to maximize insight about complex issues

> Transformational learning among managers and executives who think more strategically and lead with broadened perspectives and increased confidence, self-awareness and skill