Collaborative Design

(not "off-the-shelf")

Our preferred approach to design is highly strategic, customized to support each organization's goals. Our designs are based in data our clients have access to but rarely use on their own: feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and from prior efforts at professional development.  We work closely with our clients to evaluate current or recent programs and the needs of the managers they wish to develop.  Together we tailor the content and methodologies of each offering to meet their needs. We build in support for learning transfer from the start. We work with select executives and/or advisory committees to ensure a strong fit among curriculum, instructional methodology, and audience.  This approach uncovers many opportunities to integrate themes from the organization's history, mission and strategy throughout the program and reveals case examples that resonate deeply for participants.

The scope of the design phase is based on each client’s interest and budget.  We’ll work with you to:

  • Review participating organizations’ strategic priorities

  • Review needs assessment or evaluation data you have gathered in the past and/or conduct new assessments

  • Review recent literature on trends in your field

  • Conduct individual and group interviews with relevant stakeholders to shape the overall design and specific sessions, and to identify sources of support for "learning transfer"

  • Assemble an advisory group to review and critique proposed designs and to support outreach and evaluation