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Now more than ever, mission-driven organizations need skilled leaders to deliver high-impact performance at the double bottom line: financial health and positive social impact. How do managers learn to lead effectively, and how do they translate such learning into meaningful outcomes for their organizations? Our experienced educators, coaches and consultants can help you achieve strategic learning for social impact.


Prepare Leaders for Change

We offer a suite of services that meet leaders where they are in their development. Change prompts many to seek professional development - change in the environment, strategic direction, organizational leadership, and in individual roles. We combine assessment, formal education, facilitated action learning, and group and individual coaching to build leaders' capacity to adapt to or drive change. We help our clients deliver on the promise of Leadership Development by designing learning that transfers from classroom to practice. Our participatory approach to design ensures that content and methods promote the changes you envision.


Develop Leaders Strategically

Our approach to organization and leadership development is customized to your needs. We assess, design and deliver our services with the clear expectation that it will improve practice. Whether a formal training program, workshop series, coaching, facilitated action learning or "communities of practice", we lay strong foundations for strategic management, draw heavily on participants' experience, and guide organizations to help them apply what they learn well.


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