The Learning Experience

We promote learning by drawing extensively on participants’ knowledge and experience.  This begins with a clear understanding of the context for their work and their capacity to succeed in it.  Our collaborative design process identifies content that will be both challenging and relevant, and methodologies that will engage them.

Participants are motivated to learn when offered support to address their most significant challenges.  Sessions are dynamic, featuring case discussions, small-group work, experiential exercises and simulations.  Through “personal case projects” we help them apply new concepts to a current project, and facilitate discussion of these cases in small groups.  Through individual assessments and coaching we increase self-awareness and identify areas for improvement.  This blend of peer and faculty feedback helps participants move beyond their habitual patterns of thinking to address old challenges in new ways.

To facilitate the transfer of learning from program to workplace, we draw explicit links between the two.  We begin by engaging supervisors in a guided discussion with participants to focus on capabilities of greatest value to the organization.   During the program we use structured self-reflection and to identify applications for new tools and insights, and to develop action plans.  Post-program we guide participants individually and in groups in locating the support they need to implement their plans and assess their progress.